We are already excited about it 😍
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He is such a champ 😍. We eagerly await #WhoIam Season 4. https://t.co/FqbG9yFKnX
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Executive Board

The Executive Board is currently composed of 15 members, of which 3 are elected at the General Assembly (President and two Vice-Presidents). The Executive Board, collectively, is the representative of the APC General Assembly. The Executive Board is responsible for setting the policies and for ensuring that the directions set by the membership at the General Assembly are implemented. It meets at least three times a year and meetings are chaired by the President.

The Executive Board is primarily responsible for the implementation of policies and directions set by the General Assembly. Additionally, the Executive Board provides recommendations on membership (conditions for membership and fees) to the General Assembly, including motions received from members. It is also responsible for approving budgets and audited accounts, rules and regulations, and any changes to the APC Constitution.

The Executive Board is elected every four years. The most recent elections took place in December 2014.

Contact person

Mr. Rob Atchison
APC Relations & Services Manager

President Mr. Majid Rashed
  • Retired para-athlete (athletics and table tennis)
  • Chef de mission Team UAE at Athens 2004 & London 2012 Paralympic Games
  • CEO of the Dubai Club for the disabled
  • Vice-President of the UAE NPC

See full biography here

Vice-President Mr. Masayuki Mizuno
  • Vice-Chairperson of the Japanese Paralympic Committee (March 2014 to present)
  • Extensive experience in Organising Committees for national and international administrative and sports events
  • Director of training programmes for Paralympic teams
Vice-President Mr. Rajesh Tomar
  • Chef de mission for the Indian team at the 2006 Kuala Lumpur and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Para Games
  • Past President of Paralympic Committee of India
Vice-President &
Representative of Jakarta 2018
Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah
  • PhD in Arts of Law
  • Lecturer of law (various fields including sports law) since 1998
  • Deputy of sports cultivation at the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports (2014 to present)
CEO & Acting Secretary General Mr. Tarek Souei
  • Former athlete (Athletics and Handball)
  • Degree in special education, had worked in rehabilitation centers for 23 years
  • Technical Secretary for the UAE Disabled Sports Federation
  • IPC Athletics International TO & TD
Chairperson Sport & Development Committee Ms. Lesley Fung
  • Currently Executive Director Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
  • Formerly product and sports marketing manager for Nike
  • BA in Sociology, Master of Science in Athletics Administration and Master of Public Health in Health Promotion
Chairperson Medical & Sports Science Committee Dr. Tetsuo Suyama
  • President of Nihon Rehabilitation College & Japan Welfare Education College
  • Board member of Japan anti-doping association
  • Member, then Chairman, of Medical & Sport Science Committee, Japanese Paralympic Committee
  • PhD in orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine
Chairperson Games Liaison Committee Mr. Manabu Aso
  • Secretary General FESPIC (1994 to 2006)
  • Project Manager “Transferring of Wheelchair Manufacturing Technology and Promotion of Wheelchair Sports in Southeast Asia”
Chairperson Athletes’ Committee Mr. Ho-Gyoung You
  • Active para-athlete (shooting); 2nd Place in SH2 Prone, Athens 2004 Paralympic Games
  • Member of Advisory Committee at Incheon Asian Para Games Committee
  • Member of sport & development committee at Korean Paralympic Committee (2010 to 2013)
Chairperson Women in Sports Committee Ms. Anisa Alhooti
  • Secretary General at Oman Paralympic Committee (2010 to 2015)
  • Chef de mission for Oman team at various international championships (Powerlifting, Wheelchair Basketball, Athletics)
Sub-regional representative South-East Asia Mr. Michael Barredo
  • Participated in the field event of javelin in the first IBSA World Games in Madrid, 1998
  • Founding President, NPC of the Philippines
  • Executive Board members for the IPC and IOSD Council
  • Recipient of the Paralympic Order, Athens, 2013
Sub-regional representative West Asia Mr. Abdelrazzaq Banirasheed
  • PhD in Sports Management
  • Board Member of UAE NPC
  • Chairman of Khorfakkan Club for the Disabled
  • President of West Asia sub-region Para Federation
Sub-regional representative Central Asia Dr Rustam Babayev
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • Currently CEO of Financial Advisory company in UAE
Sub-regional representative East Asia Ms. Zhao Su-jing
  • Director of Sport Department, China Disabled Persons’ Federation, since 1993
  • Participation in 6 Paralympic Games and 4 Paralympic Winter Games
  • Member of 1994 FESPIC Games Organising Committee
Sub-regional representative South Asia Mr. Imran Shami
  • Master degree in Business Administration
  • PGC in Sport Management
  • Involved in rehabilitation of persons with disabilities with Community Participation and through training in technical and vocational skills from 1988 till 2002
  • Founder of NPC Pakistan (1998) and Secretary General until present day
  • Chef de Mission Team Pakistan at Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012 Paralympic Games.