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Executive Board Meeting


11th APC Executive Board Meeting, Kuwait City, Kuwait
14 & 15 February 2015

The first Executive Board (EB) meeting after the December 2014 Board elections took place at the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Headquarters in Kuwait City, as part of a willingness to strengthen ties and open collaboration with OCA for the development and benefit of all Asian athletes.

Key achievements of the meeting include:

Please see ‘News’ section of our website for the press releases related to this event.

Group picture of the APC Executive Board members during the meeting in Kuwait City.

12th APC Executive Board Meeting, Abu Dhabi, UAE
12 May 2015

The EB met for the second time in 2015 after the closing of the Membership Gathering.

The main achievements of this meeting were:

  • Ratification of South Asia Representative 2015-2018: Mr. Imran Shami from Pakistan was elected by his sub-region to become the representative of South Asia on the APC EB. The EB officially endorsed this decision.
  • Evaluation and outcome from the first APC Membership Gathering;
  • Update on the activity of the various sub-regions and standing committees.


13th APC Executive Board Meeting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
30 & 31 January 2016

The EB was welcome by NPC KSA President Ahmad Almugairin and a representative of HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Mu’saed Bin Abdulaziz during a short opening ceremony.

Key achievements of this meeting include:

  • Discussion following the launch of the APC Strategic Plan in December 2015;
  • Presentation by Sport for Tomorrow, the initiative of the Japanese government which aims to promote sports to more than 10 million people in 100 nations between 2014 and 2020;
  • Introduction of Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah from Indonesia, representative of the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games Organising Committee, appointed as third Vice-President of the APC.

The two-days meeting concluded with a visit to the headquarters of NPC Saudi Arabia. The EB were impressed by the new facilities that include offices and an athlete training centre, to be further developed with the addition of accommodation space and sports facilities.

Please see ‘News’ section of our website for the press releases related to this event.

Photo captions 1: NPC KSA President Ahmad Almugairin, APC President Majid Rashed, APC Vice-President Masayuki Mizuno and ??? present the new Strategic Plan of NPC KSA. Credit: NPC Saudi Arabia. 2: Group picture of participants to the EB meeting in front of NPC KSA headquarters. Credit: NPC Saudi Arabia. 3: Group picture of participants to the EB meeting. Credit: NPC Saudi Arabia. 4: Welcome speech by President Ahmad Almugairin to the APC EB members at NPC KSA headquarters. Credit: NPC Saudi Arabia.

14th APC Executive Board Meeting, Dubai, UAE
15 & 16 June 2016

The 14th EB meeting was organised in conjunction with the Asian & African pre-DRMs for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games , taking place in Dubai, UAE from 14 to 16 June 2016.

Key achievements of this meeting include:

  • Presentation of the final draft of the new APC Constitution, to be ratified at the upcoming APC General Assembly in November 2016;
  • Progress report on Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games after signing of host contract with LOC in February 2016;
  • APC presence at Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (roles, responsibilities, expected outcomes);
  • Progress report on the organisation of the APC 2016 GA.

Please see ‘News’ section of our website for the press releases related to this event.

The 14th APC Executive Board round table. Credit: NPC UAE
The APC Executive Board members were given an introduction to padel tennis at the NAS sports complex. Credit: NPC UAE

15th APC Executive Board Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand
25 & 26 November 2016

The APC will hold its last EB meeting for 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with its General Assembly, and the Asian Awards Gala dinner.

Key achievements for this meeting include:

  • Review and approval of the final version of the new APC Constitution before submitting it to the approval of the General Assembly.
  • Review of the motions submitted to the General Assembly, by the APC and by the members.
  • Status report from lawyers on proceedings with previous APC Secretariat and steps forward.
  • Report from APC presence at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (including full media report).
  • Detailed report on the progress of the preparations for the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games by INAPGOC.

16th APC Executive Board Meeting, Tokyo, Japan
5 & 6 July 2017

The APC first EB meeting in 2017 will be take place in Tokyo, Japan, with the support of the Japan Paralympic Committee.

This meeting will focus on the progress made with the preparations for the 2018 Asian Para Games, following the co-ordination meeting taking place in March in Jakarta.

The new APC EB member (representative for Central Asia) Mr. Rustam Babayev will be formally introduced to the other EB members.

The APC will update all EB members on the development of various projects (e.g., Centers of Excellence) and events for 2017.

The APC is looking for hosts for its upcoming EB meetings. If you wish to review the requirements to host an EB meeting in your country and send your application, please check the Requirements for hosting Executive Board meetings.

We are happy to answer your questions at any time, please contact Mr. Rob Atchison, directly.