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Asian Paralympic Committee President hails progress made on 2018 Para-Asian Games and declares Executive Board meeting a success.

By : APC Media
Date : February 13, 2016

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) concluded a successful series of meetings in Riyadh over the weekend. In a key meeting with representatives from the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games, including the Minister for Sport and Youth Affairs and Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah the newly appointed Vice President of the APC, as well as discussing the final details of the Host City Contract that will be signed in Jakarta in February, agreement was also reached on the number of sports that will be included in the 2018 Games.

Mr Majid Rashed, President of the APC declared:

We have had a very productive meeting and the dedication and commitment of all the Indonesia 2018 officials to create a great Asian Para Games in 2018 is clear. This bodes very well for the future and we look forward to working with them to make the Games a success”.

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The APC’s Executive Board then gathered and, after an opening ceremony that was attended by a delegate of HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Mu’saed Bin Abdulaziz and the President of the Saudi Arabian National Paralympic Committee Mr. Ahmad Almugairin, heard among others reports from the APC’s standing committees and sub-regions.

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Mr. Toshiyuki Okeya, representative from Sport for Tomorrow - the initiative of the Japanese government which aims to promote sports to more than 10 million people in 100 nations between 2014 and 2020 - gave a presentation to the Board. The weekend concluded with a visit to headquarters of NPC Saudi Arabia. The Board were impressed by the new facilities that include offices and an athlete training centre, to be further developed with the addition of accommodation space and sports facilities.

APC President, Mr Majid Rashed reflected:

Sport for Tomorrow’s presentation was very interesting and certainly opened our minds to the possibility of cooperating with them to support the future development of the Paralympic movement in Asia. On behalf of all my Executive Board colleagues, I’d like to thank both the Government of Saudi Arabia and the NPC for the support they have given these meetings and the warm hospitality that they have shown us over the past few days. The new offices and facilities that we have seen are impressive and I’m sure will really help the development of para-athletes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hopefully in the rest of Asia as well. This has been a very productive visit for the APC and has really built on the momentum started with the launch of our new Strategic Plan”.

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