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APC and JADA in partnership for promoting sporting values at Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games

By : APC Media
Date : October 18, 2018

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) and the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) partnered up to raise awareness of clean sport and promoted the value of sport to the athletes and athlete support personnel during the 2018 Asian Para Games.

An outreach booth had been set up by the APC with the support of JADA at Athlete Village for 5 days during the competition and more than 700 athletes and officials enjoyed the programme. The APC and the members from Lembaga Anti-Doping Indonesia (LADI), plus an athlete role model, K.C.Deepak, President of Para Table Tennis Nepal and relayed "PLAY TRUE Torch Relay"*, activated the "clean sport" programmes.

Through a quiz at the booth, the athlete and athlete support personnel had the firsthand 'fun' experience on Anti-Doping knowledge and learnt their own responsible action for clean sport. They also wrote down their signature to show their commitment to engage "Play True" on a poster and took the picture with 'Filter Pose' which symbolizes the Athlete's Truth, seeing their integrity and true feeling towards what they wrote. In addition to that, "PLAY TRUE Book: Athlete Guide" was distributed to all athlete and athlete support personnel to ensure they know where to find the basic information on rules.

The partnership between APC and JADA was commenced in 2013 at the Asian Youth Para Games in Malaysia to ensure the Paralympic Movement in Asia maintain its "integrity". Initially, the objective was to increase the knowledge on Anti-Doping rules in order to prevent from 'inadvertent doping' and reach directly to the young athletes. The partnership programme was expanded into this 2018 Asian Para Games and the members from LADI were also activated as part of its capacity development with the APC Anti-Doping Committee on site with the resources provided by JADA.

JADA Chairman Prof. Hidenori Suzuki commented,

We are delighted to support the Paralympic Movement in Asia towards clean sport and protecting and developing integrity in sport by the partnership with the APC. It was also a good opportunity to cooperate with LADI and share our practice on site. As part of the legacy project towards Tokyo2020, 'PLAY TRUE 2020, Sport for Tomorrow' the international cooperation project by the Japanese Government, leveraging the continued partnership with the APC is part of our commitment to protect the value of sport to society. We are determined to ensure this remains as a major lasting legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

APC president Majid Rashed commented,

We are very thankful to the Play True 2020, Sport for Tomorrow Programme and JADA for their continued support in educating Asian athletes about Anti-Doping. This programme has reached many of the athletes and officials here in Indonesia and that is really important as we head towards Tokyo 2020. We are therefore very happy that we can cooperate once again in helping Asian athletes to become better athletes.

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