We are already excited about it 😍
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He is such a champ 😍. We eagerly await #WhoIam Season 4. https://t.co/FqbG9yFKnX
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Standing Committees

Athletes’ Committee


The Athletes’ Committee is the link between the APC and Asian Paralympic athletes, it is the voice of the athletes to provide input at the decision level and make sure that the interests of all athletes are taken into account in all aspects of the APC’s activities.

Contact person

Mr. Ho-Gyoung You

Chairperson Mr. Ho-gyoung You (KOR)
Member Ms. Sarah Javanmardidomani (IRI)
Member Mr. Junichi Kawai (JPN)
Member Mr. Jeong Min Lee (KOR)
Member Mr. Deepak K. C. (NEP)
Member Mr. Mohamad Mohamad (SYR)

Games Liaison Committee


To monitor and review when necessary the bid document for the Asian Para Games and more generally to supervise and support the organisation of the APC Games, including close collaboration with the organising committees, and advice to the APC EB and Management team about the concept and implementation of the Games.

Contact person

Mr. Manabu Aso

Chairperson Mr. Manabu Aso (JPN)
Member Dr. Tetsuo Suyama (JPN)
Member Mr. Tarek Souei (UAE)
Member Mr. Shaun Lee (KOR)

Legal & Ethics Committee


The LEC is responsible for providing advice to the APC EB and Management team on any legal and ethics matter. It might also provide legal counsel to other APC Standing Committees, be involved in the review of constitutional documents, and the election process at the APC General Assembly.

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah

Chairperson Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah (INA)
Member Mr. Hussein Neaf Hatef Al-Lami (IRQ)
Member Mr. Yoshihiro Matsuda (JPN)
Member Mr. Suk Ho Seo (KOR)
Member Mr. Keng Chuan Ng (MAS)
Member Mr. Andy Yeo Kian Wee (SIN)
Member Mr. Ahmed Barakat (UAE)

Medical & Sport Science Committee


To enhance scientific knowledge and to promote general sports science education and sports medicine development in Paralympic sport in Asia, including anti-doping and classification. The Committee counts with 21 members, and is divided into 3 Committees as per below.

Contact person

Dr. Tetsuo Suyama

structure Organogram: structure of the Medical & Sport Science Committee

Medical Committee

  • Dr. Tetsuo Suyama - (JPN)
  • Dr. Hasuk Bae - (KOR)
  • Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha - (NEP)
Result management sub-committee Anti-doping sub-committee TUE sub-committee Disciplinary sub-committee
Dr. Tetsuo Suyama - (JPN) Dr. Badrul Amini B Abdul Rashid - (MAS) Dr. Hasuk Bae Mr. Majid Rashed - (UAE)
Dr. Badrul Amini B Abdul Rashid - (MAS) Dr. Eunkuk Kim - (KOR) Dr. Kenneth Wu Wing Cheung - (HKG) Dr. Tetsuo Suyama - (JPN)
Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha Dr. Takaaki Aoki - (JPN) Dr. Zahra Chaboki - (IRI) Dr. Hasuk Bae
Ms. Naoe Yasuoka - (JPN) Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha Dr. Takaaki Aoki - (JPN) Dr. Zahra Chaboki - (IRI)
Dr. Kenneth Wu Wing Cheung - (HKG)
Dr. Zahra Chaboki - (IRI)
Ms. Baigalmaa Dangaa - (MGL)
Mr. Asadullo Zikrikhudoev - (TJK)
Ms. Naoe Yasuoka - (JPN)

Sports Science Committee

  • Dr. Li Che Tin Raymond - (HKG)
  • Dr. Maher Saad Ibrahim Benjadid - (KSA)
  • Dr. Jae Won Lee - (KOR)
  • Mr. Omid Mirzahosseini - (IRI)

Classification Committee

  • Datuk Dr. Rokiah Omar - (MAS)
  • Dr. Chung Wai Man - (HKG)
  • Dr. Seung Hoon Han - (KOR)
  • Dr. Mohammed Baqer Al Musa - (KSA)

Sport & Development Committee


To advise and support the APC with education and development activities/programmes in the region.

Contact person

Ms. Lesley Fung

Chairperson Ms. Lesley Fung (HKG)
Member Mr. Tarek Souei (UAE)
Member Mr. Dinesh Tanwar (IND)
Member Mr. Anindya Pradipta Susanto (INA)
Member Ms. Sima Limoochi (IRI)
Member Mr. Kunio Nakamori (JPN)
Member Mr. Jasser Al Nuweiran (JOR)
Member Mr. Seok Min Yun (KOR)
Member Mr. Bachir Abdulkhalek (LIB)
Member Mrs. Nighat Imran Shami (PAK)
Member Mr. Dzhafarov Yusup (TKM)
Member Mr. Tu Xiaokun (CHN)

Women in Sport Committee


The Women in Sport Committee has been established to provide advice to the APC on the development of sports for women and girls at all levels of Paralympic sport and the Paralympic Movement in Asia. It aims at creating awareness about gender equality and at the constant inclusion of women in sports in Asia to increase participation.

Contact person

Ms. Anisa Alhooti

Chairperson Ms. Anisa Alhooti (OMA)
Member Ms. Fatemeh Rakhshani (IRI)
Member Ms. Harumi Okubo (JPN)
Member Ms. Mi Jung Kim (KOR)
Member Ms. Shakuntla Nagarkoti (NEP)
Member Mrs. Parveen Qadir Agha (PAK)
Member Ms. Adeline Dumapong (PHI)
Member Ms. Ebtesam Alsuwaidi (UAE)
Member Ms. Navruzakhon Yuldasheva (UZB)